Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Put some Mower-Made Sunshine in your life

I have heard from many different people that today has been a bad day! I would tend to agree, it has not lived up to expectations and so I wanted to do a short blog filled with things that make me happy, and in turn I hope puts that bit of sunshine in your own day!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wild Ivy

As we walk along our journey we meet people who leave footprints in our lives, the incredible woman I am about to introduce you to left hers on me when I was at Sixth Form in Pensitone, Yorkshire. My first impression of her was that she was artistic, soulful, unique and a free spirit.

I was introduced to Natasha by a friend who referred to her as 'that lass from Africa!' - us Yorkshire folk sure are eloquent! Years later I have watched her business developing through Facebook and fell in love with the stunning feather pieces, and I am certain you will too!

Wild Ivy

Creative Chorlton

I am lucky enough to live in an bubble of creativity and beautiful products, Chorlton in Manchester is the home of a number of small businesses, independent shops and handmade craft fairs.

Not only do these lovely shops present a feast for the eyes but they are places to meet some utterly stupendous people, many a time have I ended up chatting to shop owners, designers or even the customers for an hour or two.

At the moment I am just going to list but a few of my favourites, though in the next few weeks I aim to a blog post devoted to them, because everyone needs a bit them in their lives!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Nice to meet you...

So I've got myself a brand new blog for a brand new state of mind! I've blown off the cobwebs, fixed my victory rolls and put on my best dress! (well, one of them)

I'm Chloe Mower, 25 going on 40, Teacher and Independent seamstress for my own brand - Made by Miss Mower. I'm currently based in Chorlton, Manchester where I am surrounded by an abundance of craft, art, amazing food and extraordinary talent. Its hard not to be inspired!